Metal Chairs- Why Are They Such An Amazing Option for Any Home

Metal furniture is winning more and more fans as we speak. Gone are the days when metal furniture would be too useful in style. Ease of cleaning and durability are its main benefits, and even though wood furniture is still the no.1 option, when it comes to chairs, the variety of materials is incredibly generous.

What are the benefits of metal furniture?

In all fairness, metal furniture seals the deal with the easiness of cleaning, but it brings a lot more than that to the table.

Here are some of the advantages of using metal furniture (chairs included):

benefits of metal furniture

  • Style

More and more manufacturers are trying their best to create models that are both functional and stylish. You can find metal chairs that come with natural colors, reminding you of wood. Truth be told, a metal chair is going to fit into almost any kind of décor.

With the majority of metal furniture resembling the wood furniture, you can still find metal chairs that can quickly become the center of attention in your dining room. You may stick with the primary colors or take a leap of faith with some custom match paints- after all, metal doesn’t come with the color variations that wood has. Don’t forget that you can paint in any color you want the metal chairs and try many combos until you get it right.

  • Life span

Truth be told, as long as you’re paying attention, metal chairs can withstand the use for many years to come. You may confidently use them for various group living activities.

Metal chairs and furniture alike are long-lasting and easy to clean. Typically, the finishes on metal pieces are well sealed, so you shouldn’t worry about their durability, even in case of excessive use. Let’s not forget that the finish is delicate to damage or puncture. Should you ever find yourself in that position though, some do-it-yourself patch kits are easy to use and help you fix the problem in the nick of time.

  • Ease of cleaning and pest management

We shouldn’t go and look on the internet. Everybody knows by now that metal furniture isn’t capable of keeping bed bugs away better than another type of furniture. However, metal furniture is a lot easier to clean and takes the pest-fighting chemicals more efficiently than the wooden opponent. Its less absorbent surface is the main reason for that.

You’re going to notice many bends, board areas, and folds on a metal chair, where bed bugs are going to love to hide, don’t get us wrong. But it’s simply easier to check and to clean a metal chair than a furnished chair.

  • Good price

You’re going to find metal chairs that are going to force you to take a good look at your wallet. But that’s the same for any other type of furniture. What’s right about the metal chairs though is that, unlike a wood chair that has the same price, the metal piece of furniture is going to last 10-15 years or even longer. It’s quite common to find metal furniture that includes warranty covering ten years or so.

At the end of the day, you may feel that you’re paying the high dollar for some metal chairs, but it’s a wise investment to make for the long run.

What other materials work for chairs?

Along with wood and metal, there are some other materials used for chairs. Here are some to check:

wood and metal

  • Mesh

Mesh is used a lot for the office chair as it’s breathable and comfortable. Mesh ensures an efficient flow of fresh air, which counts so much for comfort.

  • Leather

Leather is always an exquisite and luxurious option, and you’re still going to have to open your wallet big for a leather chair. There are plenty of things to consider when carrying for a leather chair, so make sure you’re up for the job.

  • Fabric

Fabric is comfortable, and its selling point is the variety of colors and patterns to choose from. The air flow isn’t impressive, but it can work in many situations.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl chairs are long-lasting and provide stability, without sacrificing on the looks. They’re also straightforward to clean but lack the breathability.

The final thought

Finding beautiful chairs isn’t difficult at all, but you should always begin with knowing what you need precisely and how much are you’re willing to pay for it.

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Do You Own Kate Spade Sunglasses?

Never having heard of Kate Spade, while researching Kate Spade Sunglasses, I looked her up on the internet. It seems she was born Katherine Noel Brosnahan in Kansas City, Missouri; and when she became a young woman, married Andy Spade, thus becoming Kate Spade. According to reports, Kate was always charming yet original and typical all-American gal. She has a keen sense of humor and yet a no-nonsense approach to her life.

After leaving Mademoiselle Magazine in 1991, Kate started designing her own handbags. She felt those available on the market lacked style and practicality. She then investigated the cost of producing them and created a line of her own. The were classically shaped and came in many interesting colors and fabrics. Thus in 1993, the Kate Spade handbags were launched. She was awarded America’s new fashion talent in accessories by the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 1996 and 1998.

Kate Spade Sunglasses

From there, she expanded into collections of shoes, accessories, apparel, baby items, paper and glasses. By 2006, Kate Spade had shops in New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Greenwich, Manhasset, Washington D.C., Los Vegas and Boca Raton.

Kate Spade glasses were introduced in the spring of 2001. “The “glasses” collection consists of clean shapes, classic proportions and, naturally, an element of surprise. The surprise was that the Kate Spade sunglasses and ophthalmic frames were introduced.

When I checked out her current website, I found sixteen styles of sunglasses available. The one called, Dee, caught my immediate attention. It is made in Italy and comes in black/grey and horn/green. As with all Kate Spade sunglasses it has a ‘modern twist’ with chunkier arms. This particular style has tortoise shell frames. They are lightweight and have scratch resistant plastic lens which provides 100$ UV protection. You also get a Kate Spade sunglasses case and cleaning cloth.

My second favorite Kate Spade Sunglasses are the Jacqueline model. My guess is they were thus named after Jackie Kennedy Onasis. They are over-sized and have a plastic round frame. This style of frame is recommended for square or oval faces, which I have. Again, they have lightweight, scratch-resistant plastic lenses which provide 100% UV protection. These Kate Spade sunglasses also come in tortoise frames with the Kate Spade Logo. You also get a Kate Spade carrying case and a cleaning cloth. These sunglasses are also made in Italy. They are style #HS22583Z.

These are just the two favorites for me. Kate Spade sunglasses come in many styles and colors, from the thicker plastic frames to even the wire framed aviators ray ban eyeglasses. You should check them out.

The Side Effects Of Buckwheat Pillows

As the name suggests, buckwheat pillows are stuffed with buckwheat husks rather than poly fiber filling, foam or feathers. Formerly used in the Eastern countries, they have become quite popular for many reasons. The side effects of using buckwheat are actually beneficial and positive.

• Guaranteed Better Sleep
These pillows can guarantee better sleep than the counterparts in the market. That’s because they provide better support for the neck and head. Additionally, they prevent frequent turning and tossing looking for a better sleeping position. With a good buckwheat pillow, you can always count on a good night’s rest because you will fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

• Proper Muscle Relaxation
The pillows provide enough support and strength allowing proper relaxation of your muscles. Additionally, they also reduce muscle tension thus obliterating neck and back pain. Buckwheat pillows have also been known to reduce tension headaches and stress removing any instances of pain throughout the body.

• Reduces Snoring
When you’re sleeping on a buckwheat pillow, it prevents the head from falling too much forward or backwards when you’re asleep thus reducing snoring. The pillow reduces airway constriction since it supports your neck and head completely, preventing any sleeping positions that prevent proper breathing. However, if you still have some snoring issues even after sleeping on buckwheat pillows, you should visit a doctor because it might be a sign of an underlying problem.

• Proper Air Circulation
They are always manufactured in irregular shapes allowing proper air circulation. During the hot summer months, air will pass through the pillow to keep it cool. During the cold months, the pillow stays warm all through. Therefore, you can have a proper and comfortable sleep in all seasons without any worries.

What You Should Know Before Buying Buckwheat Pillows

• At first, the pillow is stiff and hard so you might have a hard time getting good enough sleep. However, after a few days, the comfort sets in and you can enjoy a good night’s sleep comfortably.

• The pillow has a gentle rustling sound that might be calming or disturbing to you. Therefore, before paying for it, you should test it out first to make sure you’re comfortable with the sound.

• The buckwheat hulls filled into the pillow have a small odor that might be uncomfortable for some people. Of course, if you have a problem with this, you can always choose buckwheat pillows with roasted hulls since they don’t have any odor.

• You’re instructed not to wash the pillow filling since the husks will be completely destroyed if they get wet. However, if you sleep on a pillow cover, you should clean it thoroughly and let it dry before placing the pillow.

In conclusion, besides improving your quality of sleep, buckwheat pillows will also reduce back or neck pain. Thanks to this pillow, you can enjoy proper sleeping positions and reduce factors such as snoring or improper air circulation. Don’t forget to test out the pillow before purchasing to make sure it is the best fit for you. Try them out today for these and more benefits.

How do you clean a memory foam pillow?

You may know by now that memory foam pillows come way back from the 1960-s when NASA used it for the airplane seats. Made with viscoelastic, the memory foam pillows come with many good things and only some minor drawbacks you need to consider.

We like memory foam as it molds instantly to your body as it reacts to your heat and pressure, distributing evenly your body weight. Memory foam is bouncy and it comes back to its original shape the second you remove the pressure (good one does, anyway…).

memory foam pillows

As sleep and comfort in your sleep is such a personal matter, we can only assume, by the popularity and sky-high sales, that memory foam pillows are quite comfortable. They alleviate pains from sleep positions and eliminate pressure points, supporting your body to get the proper natural alignment. They come in a great variety of shapes and sizes and you’re the one deciding if king size pillow works for you or a smaller size does the tricks for your comfortable sleep.

Memory foam pillows do come with some downsides though and the fact they retain body heat may be the most important one. There’s also the specific smell that some people may feel in the beginning, which is why it’s better to air out your pillow for a couple of hours before encasing it.

How to clean a solid memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillows are very common as they are responsive and bouncy, resisting to decompression or crunching.

cleaning memory foam pillow

If you want the easy way, simply run some warm water over the pillow until the water comes our clear.

You could also remove the pillowcase first and submerse the pillow in a sink full of water afterwards. Some let the water run over the top of your pillow, moving it in different ways so that the inner padding is flushed out.

Even you may feel like saving some time, try to play it on the safe side and don’t put a solid memory foam pillow in your washing machine. The pillow doesn’t take the vibrations of the machine and the padding inside breaks.

You can’t put the solid memory foam pillow in a dryer either and it’s wise to let it dry in a well-ventilated area. You may even hang it out to dry and do it especially if it’s a sunny day. The insides of your memory foam pillow dry even faster like that.

What about the shredded memory foam pillows?

Some would rather use the shredded memory foam pillows as this type of memory foam lets you shift in your sleep, still getting the support of the memory foam. The shredded pieces increase breathability and the heat dissipation is more efficient. This gives you a more comfortable and a cooler pillow.

Memory foam is also a healthy option, as it doesn’t encourage the growth of allergens, nor does it let dust mites grow inside.

It’s important to wash the memory foam pillow from time to time as the particles may be trapped between the case and the core material. This way you get rid of the unpleasant smells, stains, spills or sweat.

cleaning shredded memory foam pillows

Try not to soak entirely the memory foam material when you feel the pillow needs a washing. You may find foam that doesn’t soak up water and it pretty safe to submerse. Be sure that your pillow has that type of foam, as you don’t want water to seep in-between the cells. If so, chances are that mold and mildew may form as the pillow dries and you’re not going to be able to use the pillow any time soon.

As for the accidents (a liquid soaking through the case), don’t waste any time and wipe the memory foam with a damp cloth to get it off right the way.

If you feel, it’s really that time when your shredded memory foam needs a washing, soak it in water and let it dry outside for better and faster drying.

The main rule of never using the washing machine applies to the shredded memory foam pillow also. Never use the dryer, as you do want your shredded memory foam to last for a long time.

Getting a memory foam/shredded memory foam pillow is a great choice as the pillow isn’t just comfortable, affordable and reliable for all sleep positions, but it’s also a pillow easy to take care of. As long as you never forget not to use the washing machine or the dryer, you’re good to go when it comes to cleaning it. That is, if you want to have it around for longer than a month.